Wrap Ups

July Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Another month has passed and it’s time for my July Wrap Up Post!

What I did in July

July was a beautiful month. Once again, I worked a lot at my day job. I’m going to miss this job and some of my colleagues when I leave at the end of the month to move to Edinburgh to study Publishing, but I’m excited to see what new adventures await me there!

One of my best friends came over to Berlin, and we had some lovely days going sightseeing and eating in Berlin. One of the highlights was that we went salsa and bachata dancing. I love dancing so much and hadn’t been dancing for over 4 months, so I really treasured this opportunity. I like leading and following, and I got to do both that evening. Yay!

I actually managed to review all the books that I hadn’t reviewed yet, so I have no more books on my backlog! It was an amazing feeling. I’m going to try to review books that I’ve finished reading within a week from now on, so that I don’t end up with an enormous backlog again. Due to spending so much time, focussing on the backlog, I didn’t read that many books and after finishing all my reviews, I wanted to do some non-bookish activities.

This month, I interviewed Isra from the City of Spires series for my blog and it was so cool. She’s one of the most interesting characters and just a very intriguing person. The series is one of my favourites because of how it discusses oppression in a fantasy setting and how most of the characters are so supportive of each other. Here’s the character interview.

What I’ll be doing in August

My non-bookish plans for August are to meet up with some friends before flying to Edinburgh and move my stuff to Edinburgh.

I’m going to be participating in ARC August in August, since I have a few ARCs that I’m eager to finally read and I don’t want to be stressed with review deadlines during my first month at the university.

I am thinking of starting an Instagram account, that would include photos of books, of myself and of the places I go to. I’d love to know what you think of this idea? Should I do it?

Posts written by other bloggers that I enjoyed this month

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Words of the Week: M

Posts I published in May
Non-review posts

Character interview: Isra from City of Spires by Claudie Arseneault (no spoilers)

June Wrap Up

Sunshine Blogger Award


ARC Review: But Not Up Here – RoAnna Sylver

Review: Heroine Complex – Sarah Kuhn

ARC Review: Heroine Worship – Sarah Kuhn

ARC Review: Ida – Alison Evans

ARC Review: Epic Crush of Genie Lo – F.C. Yee

Review: Damascus Nights – Rafik Schami

Review: Exit West – Mohsin Hamid

ARC Review: Walking on Knives – Maya Chhabra

Review: The Lifeline Signal – RoAnna Sylver

How are you doing? How was your July? What are your plans (bookish and non-bookish) for August? And once again, Instagram: yes or no? And if yes, what would you like to see?

11 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. I’m getting so excited for you to go to Edinburgh! :’D I really hope you have a great time there … and really, knowing myself, I’ll definitely pop by at some point!

    Also all the yes to an Instagram account!


  2. Thank you for linking my post Sinead!! Sounds like you had an awesome month, it always feels great when you’re done writing all your reviews! (I’m not even done reading all the books I’m supposed to be reviewing, I am super behind). I hope your move to Edinburgh goes well!


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