Mission statement

Huntress of Diverse Books is dedicated to presenting and reviewing diverse books. The blog also publishes opinions about reading in general. The focus lies on finding books that are accurately diverse. Books that put characters or settings in diverse costumes, just to tick off the diversity box, are called out. Trigger warnings and problematic content are mentioned in the reviews.

Sinead.jpgAbout me

Hi! I’m Sinead (shin-ayd) and I know it’s hard to pronounce (I’ll appreciate it if you try though). I’m a mixed woman of colour living in Germany. If I’m not reading, you’ll find me dancing (if you find a book that’s about dancing – please tell me about it!).

I recently began consciously reading diverse books, andrealised that a lot of my favourite books are problematic. I didn’t get much reading done as I didn’t want to buy too many new books. Try relocating with all your boxes of books! I wouldn’t recommend it. Therefore, I’ve decided to mainly read e-books.

I usually read YA contemporary and fantasy novels. You’ll also find me reading some non-fiction books and realistic fiction. I’m looking for new unproblematic favourite books. I would also like to read more graphic novels.

I’m especially interested in these types of diverse books:

  1. Anything related to Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia –whether it’s the story, some of the characters, etc.

  2. Mythology – especially South-East Asian mythology

  3. Magical realism

  4. Multiracial characters

  5. Characters that have asthma, neurodermatitis (eczema) or/an allergies
  6. Originally written in German – I want to support authors that write diverse books in German

I prefer reading #ownvoices, so if I’m interested in a book with diverse character(s) and the author is from the same diverse group, I‘m more likely to read it.