ARC Review: The Soulstealers – Jacqueline Rohrbach

The Soulstealers

Arnaka Skytree grew up believing she was chosen to bring new magic to the world. As the heir to the cult of druids responsible for keeping their floating palace habitable for the wealthy aristocracy, she’s expected to wield her power as those before her did: by culling the souls of peasant women.

But when Arnaka learns more about the source of her magic, and that her best friend’s soul will be harvested, she embarks on a journey to end the barbarous practice and to restore a long-forgotten harmonious system of magic practiced by the original druids. Along the way, she discovers she’s not the only girl chosen to restore balance to their world—many others have powerful magic inside, and with them, she will tear the floating palace from the sky so everyone can live in the sun—out of the shadow of the eclipse.

I requested The Soulstealers from Netgalley because of the magic system of stealing souls to use as magic.

I enjoyed this book a lot! A lot! I expected it to be good at the beginning, I didn’t expect it to wow me over. Which it did. The magic system is so intricate and interesting, and it was fascinating to read about the moral dilemma and see how the different characters thought about it and acted on it.

The characters were very well-written. I thought they had in-depth characterisation and I enjoyed that the plot focussed on showing us how multiple people developed over the course of the story.

There is this gorgeous scene where one character says that words mean nothing, and another person states that the point of words is to have meaning. I thought this was very succinct and beautifully written.

There was one scene that I thought was so weird. The person in armour is not wearing anything under her metal armour. And how exactly is that comfortable? It must be awful to have the metal against skin. I also don’t feel like it makes sense.

As always, I’m a huge fan of humour in stressful and dangerous scenes, and I loved it here. It was on point!

A wonderful read! I had a wonderful time reading and enjoyed reading the ups and downs.

Trigger warnings: death, murder, violence, slavery, attempted rape.

5 stars

Have you read The Soulstealers?

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