ARC Review: Foreign to You – Jeremy Martin

Foreign to You

The harmony between humans and fianna, a species of shape-shifting deer, begins to wither as racial tensions and deeply rooted resentment turns violent.

Ruthless hunter Finn Hail and prophesied liberator Adelaide may be heroes to their own species, but they are enemies to each other. With war on the horizon, the reluctant pair must team up to find the most elusive of prey: the god of the Forest.

As enemies press in from all sides, true intentions begin to show. For Finn to save the boy he cares for most, he might need to aim his gun at the very god he seeks. And Adelaide, with her festering hatred for mankind, will have to determine if peace holds true salvation for her people.

I requested Foreign to You from Netgalley because it’s about shape-shifting deer, and hatred between two species. It sounded fascinating and quite magical. I also absolutely enjoy looking at the cover – it is gorgeous!

It’s #ownvoices.

It was a lovely story, but unfortunately I feel like it wasn’t executed properly. The writing did not flow together and it seemed quite jagged. It also took ages to get to the point, and I never felt like there was a red thread connecting the chapters properly. So much of the book was confusing, and the characters and their relationships to each other were very fuzzy. There was hardly any development – neither with the characters themselves, nor with the story.

There’s this one phrase where the main character hits a woman and then says she’s far from a woman. How ridiculous. They are in the same hunting guild, so if she is aggressive to him and violent, than he can be to her. It doesn’t have to do with her not being a woman – she is still a woman.

This book is marketed as being about a gay character, but there’s so little on-page writing about it, that you wouldn’t realise that was the case, because it seems as though the book tries its best not to be obvious about it.

The only reason this book is getting two stars is because the story concerning the Stag and how the lily flower related to him was intriguing. It is the only thing that made me want to continue reading the book.

Great premise, but unfortunately it didn’t wow me.

Trigger warnings: abuse, violence, death of character, murder.

2 stars

Have you read Foreign to You? What do you think of it?

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