ARC Review: Wish Upon a Bollywood Star – Pamela Q. Fernandes

Wish Upon A Bollywood Star

Charismatic Bollywood actor, Vir Seth declares he won’t be trapped into marriage by a scheming woman. When Soumya Ninan overhears his reasons, she decides to punish him by doing exactly that.

Soumya Ninan unleashes a storm when she announces to the newspapers that Vir is engaged. To whom? Why Soumya herself!

The battle has just begun.

I requested Wish Upon a Bollywood Star from Netgalley because Bollywood. I love Bollywood so much, and romance and Bollywood together – that’s like a match in Heaven! However, it wasn’t Heaven, it turned out to be Hell.

It’s #ownvoices.

Nope, nope, nope. I feel so bad writing this. I just didn’t enjoy this book at all. It was infuriating, and stressful, and just nope. I didn’t enjoy it.

I have eczema, and to read in the first chapter that the love interests skin “put that of most woman to shame” because it was fair and unblemished, was just rude. These are not things people can control!

I also don’t understand either of the characters. Seriously, the protagonist didn’t think that releasing a dishonest article about herself, might put her career and name in to jeopardy? What did she expect? She works in PR – and while she might be at the beginning of your career, it is something that you should realise and know.

Also, the book kept hinting that there might be an affair, and instead of the couple sorting it out between themselves and being honest when there was miscommunication, that partner really thought the best option would just be to let her continue thinking that. I understand that it is hurtful to know that your significant other hates you, but in this book’s case, they were having a fake engagement.

Several times, the love interest is told to leave their apartment, and it was scary. In the end, she wanted him there, but I’m sorry, he should have left when she was uncomfortable. Instead he stayed and after some time she decided that she wanted him there.

You know what. Bother the love interest and the protagonist are awful people. I kept reading because I hoped they’d not stay together. And they were both so toxic and were acting like there had never been the option of saying that the story was incorrect. Incorrect stories are printed all the time by the media – why did they not use this reason?

If you want to know my opinion, I don’t think you should purchase this book. It’s not a nice romance, it’s very violent and toxic. It made me very upset.

Trigger warnings: abuse, toxic relationship.

1 star

Have you read Wish Upon a Bollywood Star?

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