ARC Review: Isle of Broken Years – Jane Fletcher

Isle of Broken Years

Catalina de Valasco’s parents have her future fully planned. The most important step for a seventeenth century Spanish noblewoman being, of course, an advantageous marriage.

Unfortunately, a series of setbacks has left Catalina unwed. On a galleon bound for the Americas and her latest husband-to-be, Catalina again finds her marriage plans frustrated. Pirates capture the ship, and she is held for ransom. The danger intensifies as they sail into seas which, one day, will become known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Catalina enters a terrifying world that she could never have imagined or planned for. Yet of all the surprises awaiting her, the most unexpected one is love.

I requested Isle of Broken Years because of the cover. And then I wasn’t sure, because what if the inside wouldn’t be a good as the cover. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.

It’s #ownvoices.

First of all, let me write a little paragraph of adoration about the cover. Whoever chose the dress for the model, has excellent taste. It’s so gorgeous and I really want that dress. But also, this cover is just beautiful. I love how it brings to mind piracy and also travelling. And after reading the book, as a reader, I can definitely assume that the cover model is holding a well-read bible. It’s beautiful.

When I saw this book, I immediately requested it. It sounded amazing, and I just got a little scared. What if it wasn’t the book for me, what if it was too good to be true, what if I ended up being bored of pirates. However, I was thankfully not let down. It was wonderful, and even though the pirate-focussed chapters are only at the beginning, I adored how the pirate theme wove through the entire book.

It was fascinating for me that the main cast were all castaways from different time periods in history. I love how the author showed the different common mentalities and assumptions of the regions in those time periods, and how there were connections to famous people such as Charles Darwin and Leif Erikson.

I also enjoyed the alien aspect. While there are no living aliens in this book, the remnants of their technology and culture are explored. I didn’t expect a sci-fi element from the blurb, but it wove itself wonderfully into the story.

I enjoy books sprinkled with little jokes, and this didn’t disappoint. I loved having the giggles every now and then while I read this book!

A personal annoyance for me was when somebody asked one of the characters what her name meant, and she said it meant nothing. And then she was told that her name should mean something. The name was Sam and that definitely has a meaning. Most names do. I really wish people would stop saying that names nowadays don’t have meanings. They usually do!

I loved this book and I am so so so happy that it met and exceeded my expectations. It’s lovely. I really hope that if you pick it up you enjoy it as much as I did!

Trigger warnings: attempted rape, murder, sexual assault, homophobia, racism.

5 stars

Have you read Isle of Broken Years? Have you read any books by Jane Fletcher? What would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “ARC Review: Isle of Broken Years – Jane Fletcher

  1. Pirates, time travel and aliens. Oh my! I’m really interested in this one now. Can’t wait for it to come out. 😊

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