ARC Review: Learning Curves – Ceillie Simkiss

Learning Curves

Elena Mendez has always been career-first; with only two semesters of law school to go, her dream of working as a family lawyer for children is finally within reach. She can’t afford distractions. She doesn’t have time for love.

And she has no idea how much her life will change, the day she lends her notes to Cora McLaughlin.

A freelance writer and MBA student, Cora is just as career-driven as Elena. But over weeks in the library together, they discover that as strong as they are apart, they’re stronger together. Through snowstorms and stolen moments, through loneliness and companionship, the two learn they can weather anything as long as they have each other–even a surprise visit from Elena’s family.

From solitude to sweetness, there’s nothing like falling in love. College may be strict…but when it comes to love, Cora and Elena are ahead of the learning curve.

I received Learning Curves from the author, my friend, Ceillie Simkiss. Sometimes I like to read a soft and cute romance, so I definitely wanted to read this. I also had read a few earlier drafts of some of the scenes.

It’s #ownvoices.

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I love the different blue tones on it.

It’s such an adorable and cute story. So adorable! So cute! I also love how it was slow-moving and how it shows their love for each other growing. It starts with them meeting each other, and gets more intense and connected with every chapter.

It was nice to read a story where the love interest was accepting of the other partner being sex indifferent and asexual.

I wish that there had been a bit more focus on their personalities, career choices, and hobbies, as the book was over too soon. It would have been fascinating to learn more about the two main characters. I felt sometimes that the time jumps between the scenes were too fast and there was so much time left unaccounted for.

One scene that I particularly liked was when Cora wrote her thoughts in a note. Sometimes, I am not able to say something the way I want to, but if I write it down, it comes out in the proper way. It was nice to see someone else doing that as well!

Another scene that I enjoyed was the mistletoe scene. I’ve always seen this tradition in books, but I’ve never done it. Definitely want to have some mistletoe in my house this year!

I love the ending. It was so nice and fluffy! Most romance books continue on to describing the relationship, whereas this was more of a description of what happened before the relationship.

A gorgeous and sweet novella. If you’d like to read something to lift up your mood, this can definitely do that.

4 stars

What do you think of this book? Do you want to read it?


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