Review: Hello World – Tiffany Sharpe and Alexandra Tauber

Hello World
Book cover: Picture of a highway in mainly blue and purple tones.

When a technology company can buy your personal freedom Scott is a hacker ready to prove that a single voice can be a powerful weapon.

Scott’s skills as a surveillance expert are useful when he’s breaking down firewalls. But hacktivism isn’t enough; he’s going after the holy grail—UltSyn’s Human Information Drives, human assets implanted with cerebral microchips. After digging deeper into restricted databases, he discovers that those who enlist with UltSyn get far more than they bargained for. Plunged into a world of human trafficking and corporate espionage, Scott is determined to find his sister, no matter the cost. But when the information reveals the people closest to him have been working for UltSyn all along, he has to find her—before UltSyn finds him. 

I bought Hello World, because I had been told that there was an asexual character in it and yes, that was enough to encourage me to get it, even though I usually don’t read fantasy.

This book is #ownvoices.

As I said in the previous part, I usually don’t read science fiction novels but this proved to be actually my type of novel after all because it dealt with how the development of technology can lead to problems for humankind – a subject that I’ve always found very fascinating.

I have absolutely no clue about hacking and manipulating software, so I was rather worried about reading this novel at the beginning. How was I supposed to understand what was going on if I didn’t know anything about this subject? However, the writing was very descriptive and this ended up not becoming an obstacle.

The premise of this story is so scary. Humans used as data storage devices… I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how that was supposed to work, but upon reading it. It made sense. That shows just how much work the authors put into making the technological setting realistic.

Sign language is the main method of communication for one of the characters in this book, and I thought that the passage where one of the character’s grabs the signing character’s hands was a good addition to the book.

I like it when a book has some humour added in throughout the story, and this book didn’t disappoint there at all. Sarcasm and witty remarks throughout the book! Special note to the ace joke, which was quite funny!

The story also takes place in Germany, and I would have liked to have known which part of Germany. This is just a minor criticism.

Hello World is a fun science fiction novel, and I very much enjoyed it.

4 stars

Have you read Hello World? What are your thoughts on it?


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