ARC Review: Among the Glimmering Flowers – Lynn E. O’Connacht

Among the Glimmering FlowersFelicity feels stifled by her parents’ protective nature. She’s the crown princess, yet she’s not even allowed to care for her own pony. Her life consists of nothing but rules and permissions. All she wants is a little more freedom.

Horse-friend is happy to have a roof over his head, a job that he likes and food in his stomach every day. He never expected to run into the crown princess as she tries to sneak out of the castle. Or to get caught up in her clumsy attempts at having an adventure.

It isn’t long before trouble, rather than adventure, finds both of them, setting them on a course that will change their lives — and the fate of the kingdom — forever.

Among the Glimmering Flowers” is the story of how two lovers first became friends and the first book in a series exploring a demisexual/allosexual romantic relationship. Readers looking for a low-conflict, cosy story should enjoy this novel.

I received a copy of Among the Glimmering Flowers from the author. I adored Lynn’s verse novel Sea Foam and Silence and I had the opportunity to read some of her lovely, calm and quiet stories on her Patreon.

This book is #ownvoices for demisexual representation.

As always, Lynn’s writing is very calm and collected. It provides a lovely break from the more fast-paced novels that I usually read. I like how she focusses on the quieter parts of life and includes plenty of slice-of-life scenes into her writing. Her writing is very relaxing for me.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure exactly when the narration was taking place, which left me feeling confused. However, after a few chapters I had got into the narration.

I adored the scene with the kelpie. I always have a soft-heart for mentions of mythical animals in books, and it was fascinating to read about how the kelpie interacted with the horess and vice versa. I’m really hoping there’ll be more of that kelpie as well as other kelpies in the sequel!

I would have liked to have a bit more insight into how Sionen felt being part of the family, yet not being treated as a real member of the family.

One part that I found wonderful was when one of the characters refused to change their name after being adopted. This person has lived with their name for all their life, and to change it would definitely had an impact on that person.

The demisexual rep was adorable. I loved how it was represented in this text, and how we can slowly see the two main characters build up a conneciton.

There are some ableist slurs in the text.

Among the Glimmering Flowers is a beautiful story. It’s a beautiful, slow story about the beginning of a strong relationship. Very cosy!

4 stars

Will you be reading Among the Glimmering Flowers?


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