#AroAwarenessWeek – My favourite books!

Happy Aro Awareness Week to everyone! This week is from 18 February – 24 February in 2018.

I’m so excited about this week! I’ve decided to write a post about my favourite books that have aro and aro-spec characters. You can click on the titles to go to their Goodreads page.

I’ve included the exact aromantic ID, if I could find it. If there were multiple types of aromantic representation, I included all of them. Some of the representation is word-of-God and the other representation is on-page.

City of Strife by Claudie Arseneault

City of Strife

No surprise! I had to include City of Strife. It’s one of my all-time favourite books, and I love the story so much. Friendships, political intrigue, and spies: this book and series are just amazing! My review is here. I did a character interview with Isra here.

Representation: questioning demiromantic; aromantic; greyromantic. This book is #ownvoices for the aromantic representation.

You can get a copy at Gumroad (this is an affiliate link).

City of Betrayal by Claudie Arseneault

Book cover: View over the rooftops of the city with a fiery sky in the background.

Book 2 in the City of Spires series and every bit as good. I loved how the political intrigue heightened and how there was a huge focus on developing friendships. What I also adore about this book is how the characters still pursued their hobbies (something I rarely see in fantasy). My review is here.

Representation: questioning demiromantic; aromantic; greyromantic. This book is #ownvoices for the aromantic representation.

You can get a copy at Gumroad (this is an affiliate link). 

Tales from Perach by Shira Glassman

Tales from Perach

This is a short story collection featuring different characters from the Mangoverse series. I loved how cute and fluffy the entire book is. It’s fantasy but not a quest/adventure/fighting type of fantasy. Definitely the right thing to read on a beautiful evening.

Representation: aromantic.

Sea Foam and Silence by Lynn E. O’Connacht


I adore verse novels, so much! It’s a retelling of The Little Mermaid. It was one of the first verse novels I ever read, and I loved how it used emojis and sentence structures to convey the little mermaid’s emotions. It also uses specific words and structures to convey how mermaids view the world, which gave the world-building a more nuanced depth. My review is here. I did a character interview with The Little Mermaid here.

Representation: demiromantic; aromantic. This book is #ownvoices for the aromantic representation.

The Lifeline Signal by RoAnna Sylver

The Lifeline Signal

The aro, ace and questioning card analogy! It’s my favourite part of this book. I was so happy to read something that spoke to me in such a good way. It’s an awesome sci-fi story. So many laugh-out moments, so much tension, so much comfort. And what a cliffhanger. It’s book 2 of the Chameleon Moon series. My review is here.

Representation: questioning aromantic.

The White Renegade by Claudie Arseneault

The White Renegade

I’ve started to get into reading solarpunk novels, and this book is right up my street. It’s a dystopian world that is not that far into the future, that it is totally different from the world we live in now. One of the characters has studied electrical engineering for example. My review is here.

Representation: aromantic. This book is #ownvoices for the aromantic representation.

No More Heroes by Michelle Kan

No More Heroes

Superhero book! As you may know, I love my superheroes. And this book delivers. Fantastic superpowers! Cool team dynamics! Loads of jokes! I love how it depth it goes it its analysis of what it means to do the right thing, and how one should use their abilities? My review is here.

Representation: greypanromantic, demihomoromantic, greyromantic, aromantic. This book is #ownvoices for the aromantic representation.

So those are my favourite books with aromantic representation. Do you know of any others that you think I should read? I’m always looking to read more!

11 thoughts on “#AroAwarenessWeek – My favourite books!

  1. I have several things to say:
    1) Thank you so much for posting this. I really want to read more aro books but it can be quite tricky finding them so I checked out some of your recommendations and am super excited to read some of them.
    2) City of Strife sounds SO GOOD. I LOVE political fantasy but always hate all the romance stuff. I find that too often it just gets in the way of the otherwise very, very good political storyline and a lot of the time the romance isn’t very natural/interesting/relevant but is more of an annoying plot tool so… boo. I just read your review of City of Strife and it sounds like something very much of my street so thank you for sharing that! Claudie Arseneault is also SO NICE ❤
    3) I really like solarpunk so yes, yes, yes to more solarpunk books! It's such a beautiful aesthetic and it makes me sad that not more authors use it!


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