Review: Thorn – Intisar Khanani

ThornFor Princess Alyrra, choice is a luxury she’s never had … until she’s betrayed.

Princess Alyrra has never enjoyed the security or power of her rank. Between her family’s cruelty and the court’s contempt, she has spent her life in the shadows. Forced to marry a powerful foreign prince, Alyrra embarks on a journey to meet her betrothed with little hope for a better future.

But powerful men have powerful enemies–and now, so does Alyrra. Betrayed during a magical attack, her identity is switched with another woman’s, giving Alyrra the first choice she’s ever had: to start a new life for herself or fight for a prince she’s never met. But Alyrra soon finds that Prince Kestrin is not at all what she expected. While walking away will cost Kestrin his life, returning to the court may cost Alyrra her own. As Alyrra is coming to realize, sometime the hardest choice means learning to trust herself.

Thorn has received a Badge of Approval from Awesome Indies.

Thorn is another of Intisar Khanani’s books. She quickly established herself to be a favourite author of mine, and I just couldn’t stop reading her books during Ramadan Readathon.

I decided to read Thorn for two reasons. First of all, as I mentioned above, the author is amazing. Secondly, it’s a retelling and even if I’m not such a fan of the original tale The Goose Girl by the Brothers Grimm, I am a fan of retellings, especially fantasy retellings!

Thorn is the first book set in this universe. There’s also a prequel to the companion series called The Bone Knife, which I reviewed here.

Since, I already knew how the story would go due to having read the original as a child, the plot wasn’t a surprise to me. Intisar Khanani wrote the story with an original settings and twisted the story just a little, thus it was still possible to feel the original story, while still get the feeling like this story is something different.

The strongest point of this story is the characters. The main focus is on Alyrra, and Intisar Khanani really captures her feelings awfully well. What I loved though, was that she put the same amount of dedication into the writing of the other characters as well. From the most minor character to Alyrra, the main character, every character was so fleshed-out.

One part that made my heart sing is that Alyrra says that she needs to wait and get to know him better before she can say that she loves another character – this is just amazing. Also, her love interest and his family are all brown people! So yay for representation!

One of the main themes, is oppression and poverty. I thought that this was discussed quite well. It’s interesting how Alyrra herself starts to realise the power of her words and actions.

I loved this book so much. It was pretty, I think that’s the best adjective for it.

I have no idea how she is going to combine characters from The Bone Knife and Thorn in her companion series, but seeing how wonderful her creativity is, I’m sure it’ll be awesome and I cannot wait for the first book to be released.

5 stars

Have you read Thorn? Are you looking forward to the companion series? What do you think of her writing?

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