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2017: My year in review

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about my 2017 and how it was. There were a lot of changes.

My Publishing degree

I was so happy when I was accepted to study Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. Moving to another country by myself is one of the most scariest things I’ve done in my life. It’s definitely been the right decision! I’m learning more about the publishing industry everyday and it’s been fun to find out what I enjoy working on. As of the moment, I’m most interested in the marketing, sales, and production aspects of publishing.

Blogging and reading

I didn’t have a blog at the start of 2017. I had been in a huge book slump for quite a few years and just couldn’t find books that I could relate to. When I created my book blog, I had just started to read e-books. I was very unsure if I would enjoy reading e-books. As it turns out, I love reading them. I could read whatever I wanted with a click of the mouse, and no longer had to wait for books to arrive.

Focussing on diverse books meant that I could find small bits of representation in more books than in the years before and I was also able to read about the experiences of people different to myself. It’s also been a way for me to do activism, and show publishers that marginalised voices should be taken into account and should not be erased.

Blogging has also led to me finding a whole community of people who enjoy reading and who are also activists. Together with other amazing book bloggers, I’m now part of Lit CelebrAsian: an amazing initiative that promotes and uplifts Asian voices in literature.

Work experience

I’ve been lucky enough to do two publishing work experiences in 2017. My first was at the editorial department of Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House in London, and my second was at Lighthouse – Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop. They were both very different. The first allowed me to gather experience in the first steps of the publishing process, while the second showed me what the last steps of the publishing process are like.

I’ve also worked in two bookstores in 2017. I worked at a secondhand online bookstore in Berlin, and learnt a lot about digital bookselling and the secondhand book industry. The second bookstore, is the one where I also did work experience in: Lighthouse – Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop. Through that experience, I’ve enhanced my retail and social media skills. One of the most exciting parts of working in a physical bookstore has been handselling books to customers. It’s so much fun!

My style

I started to feel like I wanted to wear more black clothes and more solid colours in 2017, and slowly started to do that around the middle of 2017. I hadn’t been wearing much makeup for some time and then decided that I really did want to wear more lipstick in the autumn. I enjoyed it so much, and since then have collected quite a few amazing lip colours, such as a chocolate brown, a dark fuchsia, and a midnight blue! I’m really enjoying my personal style at the moment.

How was your 2017?



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