Character interview: Kayvun and Adan from Daybreak Rising by Kiran Oliver (no spoilers)

I had a lovely conversation with Kayvun and Adan from Daybreak Rising. They are two of my favourite characters in the book, as they have a really wonderful friendship and are both there for each other!

Hi Kayvun and Adan! You both look kind of tired. How are you doing?

Kayvun smirks, turning toward the sound of your voice. It is what it is. We’ll be alright, she pauses, looking to Adan at her left before continuing to speak, It’s a hard job, but we’re doing our best out here for the Operative.

Adan nods firmly. What she said. We’re doing our best. It’s not like anyone else is lining up to join the Regime. Not very likely, he chuckles.

What are your hobbies?

Kayvun: Back at home, I help my parents with making medicinal herb blends an’ whatnot. It’s not much, but it helps us get by. When we get back, I’m still gonna do it. Don’t care how much this job pays. It’s somethin’ I enjoy, and some fancy title isn’t gonna take that from me.

Adan: My mother and I make cold-process soap together and sell it at our local market. It’s relaxing. Much better than my days spent as a lawyer for those that have passed on, I’m telling you. You would think that the dead would have their affairs in order, but you’d be wrong.

What is your favourite food?

Kayvun: Watermelon with sea salt on it.

Adan: I’m a fan of roasted pork and anything dark chocolate, personally. Not together, though. That would be horrible.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

Kayvun: I always wanted to be a healer. I knew I had Holy magic before I could even walk.

Adan: I don’t know. My childhood was…Different. I think my parents thought I would be just someone’s wife. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, they’re proud of me now, and they’re thrilled that I’m a lawyer, believe it or not.

What is your greatest fear?

Kayvun: Losing my family.

Adan: Same. Losing my friends…All right, fine. Losing myself in the work I do with the dead. It’s…tough…To hold onto your humanity, your will to live, even, when you spend all day in the Spirit realm like I do.

What do you think of the team?

Kayvun: No complaints. I think Celosia and Riva could stand to work out their issues somewhere that isn’t a battlefield, but then again…Maybe they should work ‘em out on the battlefield. I could do without ever seein’ Adelin’s smug face again, though. The sooner we deal with her, the better.

Adan: I think that it’s…An interesting bunch. We’re a bit…Ragtag…Right now, but we’re getting there. Since we got to Ardonia, it’s been hectic. Hopefully things will start to calm down soon, and we can actually get some work done.

What was your first impression of each other?

Kayvun: I was just…So, so thrilled to meet someone that could help me figure out what had happened to me in the Spirit Realm. He could’ve been horrible to me, but he wasn’t. I knew we’d be friends for a damn long time after that. Adan’s my best friend.

Adan: I…I thought she had a beautiful singing voice. I’d heard it, before we met. Once we did, and I heard her story–Well, I knew I had to figure out a way to rescue her. Here we are today. Without Kayvun as a friend, I don’t know who I’d have become on this mission. I’m thankful to have her friendship.

Photo of Kiran OliverAuthor profile

Kiran “CK” Oliver is a 2016 Southern New Hampshire University graduate currently majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. They also attend Free Code Camp in the hope of earning a certificate in Full Stack Web Development in 2019. 

When not daydreaming about lesbian pirates, queer lady paladins, or dragons, Kiran can be found at the gym or playing MMOs. They reside in New Zealand with their wife Elizabeth and their two cats, Ember and Alastor.

Kayvun and Adam are two major characters in Daybreak Rising. Check out my review here.


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