Review: Earth Boy – Sami Shah

Earth Boy
Book cover: Wahid in front of a red-brown background

I read Fire Boy which is the first book of the series (my review). It wowed me: djinns, the devil, saving a soul and finding out who one’s parents are. It was so amazing. I knew that I would read Earth Boy as soon as I could.

It’s a duology, so if you only like reading completed series, then this might be right up your alley. Since it’s the second book, I’ll try not to include spoilers.

It’s #ownvoices on Pakistani representation.

One of the characters calls out Wahid’s disbelief in djinns. Wahid states that who would find it more possible to believe in other mythical creatures – stories that come from foreign countries – because he’s read about them. I had a good laugh while reading this exchange.

We find out who Badshah is and seriously this was like the coolest revelation I’ve read in a fantasy book in a long time. I love what he personifies and I think he’s the character that I most loved.

As I mentioned in my review of the first book, I was so excited about the fact that Wahid had asthma. His asthma wasn’t ignored in this book either. It didn’t play such a big role but some people who have asthma have times in which it is less of an obstacle, so I am of the opinion that the representation was good.

I did find the book lacking one thing and that is the presence of more non-male characters. I feel like this would have made the book even better, however it was still amazing.

Some of the passages in this book were downright creepy. I had shivers up and down my back while reading. It was a thrilling experience.

I always read the author’s acknowledgements and I tell you, Sami Shah’s acknowledgements were so scary. If you get scared easily, don’t read them after dark. It was fun to learn where he got his inspiration from and I thoroughly enjoyed the insight other than the fact that I totally got goosebumps.

Trigger warnings: torture, rape, child abuse, terrifying scenes, strong violence.

4 stars

Have you read Fire Boy or Earth Boy yet?

9 thoughts on “Review: Earth Boy – Sami Shah

  1. I’m with you on the afterword! This was such a great sequel. Some of the scenes were really intense to read but I also enjoyed the ending.


      1. I know he’s launching another non-fiction book soon but I definitely hope he returns to fantasy someday too.


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