Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite minor characters

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Favourite minor characters
Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite minor characters

I’m a huge fan of minor characters, because I always want to know more about the main character and I think one can learn that by finding out more about the people that interact with them.

Gauri from Saree


Gauri is one of the strongest female characters in this book with plenty strong female characters. She is master in art of saree making and supports all of her students. She’s also always there for her brother. I would have loved to read about her perspective on the various events.

You can find my review for Saree here.

Ashish from When Dimple Met Rishi


Ashish is such a cutie pie. I love the relationship he has with his brother. He’s always there to support him, even though they fight and disagree a lot. I loved reading about their sibling relationship. If there is a sequel to When Dimple Met Rishi, I wish that Ashish would be the main character.

My review for When Dimple Met Rishi is going to be published in a few days time.

Ernest from Peter Darling


Ernest is one of the people who came to Neverland, and I liked how sensible he was. It was lovely to see the beginnings of a friendship between Peter and him. However, Ernest is the only person who came to Neverland of whom we never learn the backstory. Why did he come? Why does he stay? I want to know more.

Check out my review of Peter Darling here.

Sora, Jilssan and Vellien from City of Strife

City of Strife

City of Strife has three minor characters that I find intriguing.

Sora is a transwoman detective with the sharpest retorts ever. I loved reading her conversations with Hasryan. Jilssan is a mage with a self-preservation instinct. I’m not sure if she’s going to be good or evil, she’s a very ambivalent character. It’s so interesting to read from her perspective, as she thinks a lot about herself but she also worries about her apprentice. Vellien is an adorable elf healer. They are so cute and quiet, but I think they have a large influence on their cousins.

Check out my review for City of Strife here.

Gowri from The Star-Touched Queen

I absolutely loved the few glimpses that we got of Gauri in The Star-Touched Queen. She has a lovely relationship with Maya. I thought it was a great pity that she was only present for a few scenes. I’m mentioning Gauri last on this list, because she actually became the main character of the companion novel.

You can read my review of The Star-Touched Queen here.

Who are your favourite minor characters? Do you think they should get their own books?


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