Review: No More Heroes – Michelle Kan

No More Heroes
Book cover: a blurry photo of the city at night

No More Heroes is a book that I only found due to Twitter. As you know, I’m co-hosting Asian Lit Bingo this month, and Michelle Kan – the author – mentioned that her book fits some of the squares. I checked it out on Amazon and realised it was just my thing!

Vigilantes are being killed all over the city and nobody know why. A group of three young Vigilantes start to learn more about the community and come closer to finding out about the truth, and in doing so start to think more about what to do with their abilities. But what is good? What is evil? Is working alone better than working in a group? What does it mean to do the right thing, and how should you use your abilities?

It’s an #ownvoices book.

Most superhero stories start with the main characters not knowing/having superhero abilities. This one is not like that. The three Vigilantes that we meet at the beginning of the book have already had their superhero abilities for several months. I liked this a lot as it was quite different to what I usually read. I also really loved the different abilities and how they resonated with the character’s personalities.

I seriously loved the writing style. It was funny and down-to-earth. I really liked the team name: “you call it luck, I call it skill”, but sadly it was only suggested as a joke by one of the characters. There was one scene in which I found the writing particularly amazing, and that was the scene in which two of the characters were discussing whether they should continue trying to solve the problem or ignore it. The descriptions of how uncertain the two characters were was conveyed brilliantly and I found myself sympathising with both of the characters and their situation.

The characters are fascinating, they are so different from each other and yet so unique. Each has a different voice and personality. However, I would have liked to learn more about the characters and their motivations.

Fang is the first genderfluid character that I’ve read about in a book (this is #ownvoices). Her friendship with Rehua and Shockwave was great, it was interesting to see how they live and work together. Rehua and Shockwave are so different, the one balancing out the other. Rehua’s abilitiy is very interesting, especially considering that it is similar to what Shaan’s (one of the villians) ability is. Faye is awesome, she’s got a sharp tongue and she’s quite a good fighter. I really want to know more about her!

There was a huge focus on the friendships between the different characters, which I thought was great to read about. I love reading about platonic friendships in books.

Another part I enjoyed were the action scenes and how the different abilities of the fighters were brought together. I don’t usually read action novels, so this was something quite new for me.

The word “crazy” is used once by one of the characters. Michelle Kan told me that the character is referencing a video game. Just wanted to mention it though.

One of the last scenes refers to one of the first meetings that the young Vigilantes had when they met the more experienced Vigilantes. I was not expecting this, as I had forgotten about the first meeting due to all of the action in the middle, but I thought this scene was great as it made the book feel complete.

No More Heroes was a fun, action-packed read and a great start to the series. I will certainly read the next book as soon as it comes out (2018). I want to know more about the different abilities and I’ve also got a feeling that it’s not as simple as good vs. bad but that the characters have more nuanced reasons for their actions.

5 stars

Have you read No More Heroes? I’m really enjoying superhero books at the moment, so I would be so happy about recommendations!

9 thoughts on “Review: No More Heroes – Michelle Kan

  1. Sounds pretty cool!
    (Also, I’m now playing ‘Whatever happened to the heroes?’ in my head – and it’s your fault ;P )


      1. It’s actually called ‘No More Heroes’ by The Stranglers… weird songs in my head… lol!

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