Top 5 Wednesday – Summer reads

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Summer reads
Top 5 Wednesday – Summer reads

I’m not exactly sure what summer reads mean because well…I just don’t quite know. I’ll be going with books that I think are set in the summer, or have a summery feel to them.

Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick‘s cover already has quite a summery feel about it. I also can’t imagine that they would be doing all the superhero stuff in the cold, because I find it too cold to go outside when it’s freezing.

I don’t have a review of this book yet, but it’ll be coming soon. I can certainly recommend it!

Chameleon Moon


I’m pretty sure that it’s always summer in Parole. It’s hard to have other seasons when the town is on fire and snow is certain to melt away. The descriptions of vegetation in this book remind me of the vegetation in summer, when they areย in need of water.

Check out my review forย Chameleon Moonย here.

You’re Welcome, Universe

You're Welcome Universe

Graffiti always reminds me of summer, and walking around without too many layers. I don’t know why! It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed, and this is the same feeling that I got from the book.

I haven’t published my review yet, but I thought this was a pleasant read.

Sea Foam and Silence


The cover itself emits so many summery feelings. Sea shells always make me think of summer, as do pearls. I also feel like the story itself is summery in parts.

Check out my review for Sea Foam and Silence here.

When Dimple met Rishi

This is the only book on the list where I’m actually sure that it takes place in the summer. It’s such a fun story. I felt like going out and actually enjoying the sun here in Germany. However, the sun in Germany is more of a trickster as it only looks warm.

I’m publishing my review of this book at the end of May.

Which books remind you of summer?

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