Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite SFF cover art

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Favourite SFF Cover Art
Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite SFF cover art

Let’s talk about the covers that truly blew me away. There won’t be a specific order because my most favourite cover always depends on my current mood. It wasn’t easy to choose but I managed to narrow it down to 5. Clicking on the book title, will take you to the Goodreads page.

Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick

Not Your Sidekick is one of the most fun covers that I’ve ever seen. I love the attention to detail! Check out the t-shirt that Jess is wearing. The writing says ‘Master Mischief was right about the cheese’. It’s a minor detail but I love that it’s been added to the t-shirt. The background is amazing, especially since it is a place that’s very important for Jess.

I don’t have a review of this book yet, but it’ll be coming soon. I can certainly recommend it!

The Star-Touched Queen


I love this book cover. It’s so dreamy and mystical. The saree that Maya is wearing is gorgeous – I am a huge fan of the colour fuchsia. And if you zoom into the cover, you can see that her hair isn’t straight but wavy – so beautiful. After reading this book you will find hidden clues in the cover, I especially like the meaning behind the ground on which Maya is walking.

Check out my review of The Star-Touched Queen here.

Fire Boy


I love the pattern that you can see on top of the background here. I adore the minimalistic feeling of this cover, which is portrayed through the silhouette. I also like the colour theme: green and red. The fire detail is what made me decide to read this book.

You can check out my review of Fire Boy here.

A Crown of Wishes

A crown of wishes

This book is the companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen, and I think one can see the similarities between the covers. The colours are beautiful and fit to Gowri’s personality and experiences. It’s a wonderful cover.

I don’t have a review for this book either. It will be coming soon. Nevertheless, I can already say that I will be recommending this book.

Labyrinth Lost

This book was the ultimate I’m-buying-it-because-the-cover-is-lovely book. One of the only books where I hardly-glanced at the blurb. It’s intriguing. I am a huge fan of the placement of Gowri’s face and her expression, as it is rather different to most covers that have a face on them.

Check out my review of Labyrinth Lost here.

Which books do you think have the best cover art?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Favourite SFF cover art

  1. Ohhh yes I do love those covers too!! Mostly Fire Boy and Labyrinthe Lost!
    I usually love cover arts from, like at the moment I have the Killing Gravity cover art as my phone wallpaper! I also love the one for Binti! The redesign for Updraft by Fran Wilde was gorgeous too. And the redesign for Akata Witch and Akata Warrior! *I’m going to try and stop now*


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