Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I want to read more from

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Authors I want to read more from
Top 5 Wednesday – Authors I want to read more from

Which authors do I want to read more from? There are so many but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5.

Here’s my list (there isn’t is any particular order)! Clicking on the author’s names will take you to their Goodreads page. I’ve added the book(s) that I enjoyed so that you can also have book recommendations at the same time. All of the authors that I’ve chosen have written diverse books.

Claudie Arseneault

City of Strife

City of Strife was an amazing story. The writing style as well as the plot were awesome and I would certainly want to read more books by Claudie Arseneault. I think she could become one of my favourite authors. My most anticipated read is the second book of the City of Spires trilogy – it’s not been released yet :(.

Roshani Chokshi


Roshani Chokshi was able to get me invested in a romance story in The Star-Touched Queen. I enjoyed the flowery writing, and how the romance was part of the rest of the story and not the only focus. I would like to read the prequel novella to The Star-Touched Queen series, Death and Night.

Lynn E. O’Connacht


Lynn E. O’Connacht introduced me to verse novels and showed me that fairytale retellings can be intriguing and fun. This is her only book to date. If I could wish for a book written by her, it would be another verse novel and a fairytale or mythology retelling. For example, a story about Artemis or Little Red Riding Hood.

Sami Shah

Djinn-Son Duology.PNG

I thoroughly enjoyed Sami Shah’s Djinn-Son Duology. It was a whole new take on fantasy, and I haven’t read anything similar to it. The writing was a joy to read. The fantasy story is based on Islam and is set in Karachi. I hope that he’ll be writing more books. I’ll be reading The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories soon, which includes a short story of his.

C.B. Lee

Not Your Sidekick
Not Your Sidekick
 is a masterpiece. There was so much to discover about the world and I enjoyed the small jokes that were sprinkled throughout the story. I’d love to read more stories by C.B. Lee as I think she has a wonderful writing style.

Which authors do you want to read more books from?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I want to read more from

  1. I’ve read books from 2 out of 5 and the other 3 are on my TBR. I’m super excited for Not Your Villain, and I still need to read Seven Tears at High Tide. There are so many awesome authors breaking into publishing and I just want to read and support them all. 😀


  2. Claudie Arseneault ❤ !! I'm really looking forward for the sequel, but I'm also thinking about reading Viral Airwave soon!
    I'd love to read more from Zen Cho!


    1. I just read her book Sorcerer to the Crown. I can’t wait for the sequel! 2018! I liked The Terracotta Bride as well!

      I should try Claudie Arseneault’s other books but I think that they aren’t high fantasy, are they?


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