Review: If The Dress Fits – Carla de Guzman

If The Dress Fits.jpg
Book cover: Three illustrations each of Martha and Max in different clothes. 2 of Martha and 1 of Max  above the title, and 2 of Max and 1 of Martha below the title.

If The Dress Fits: a romance story featuring a fat girl set in the Philippines. I wanted to read this book as soon as I heard about it.

The book is an #ownvoices book.

I loved that social media was present in this book. I’ve seen so many contemporary novels that don’t touch on social media, which I find weird considering that most people of my generation use it every day. The character who is a bookworm actually has an opinion on Goodreads, which I thought was funny to read.

Martha is a lovely character, I thought she was amazing. She’s funny, independant and ready for life. She’s very into fashion, and the descriptions of her outfit are really awesome.

I thought that the sex scene and the first kiss were beautiful scenes as they were both awkward and adorable.

The illustrations on the cover. It’s not something you see often but it’s cute.

However, I felt like the romance wasn’t well-deveoped. I felt like we were missing a lot of the story. Martha and her love interest did have chemistry, but the romance was very rushed, especially at the end. In my opinion, the book should have been a lot longer and not had the massive time jump at the end. I was also missing some character development.

I hated reading the word ‘grammarnazi’. An alternative: grammar nerd. For a more detailed explanation about this word, have a look at this link: Why We Need to Stop Using the Term ‘Grammar Nazi’.

Max’s eyes are described as ‘chinky’. To my knowledge, this is a racist term.

Touching someone without their consent, in this case pinching someone in the butt, is normal for some people but I would have preferred if this issue has been discussed in more detail. Society should be getting to a point where we don’t accept this just because it’s always been this way.

If you’re looking for a cute romance, this is the book for you. However, it just wasn’t the right book for me. I like romance stories that are detailed and fully-developed, and I wasn’t feeling enough of that in this book. The ending of the book is clear right from the start.

#ownvoices review

Check out Liana’s review review at Will Read for Feels.

3 stars

Have you read If The Dress Fits? What’s your opinion on it?


7 thoughts on “Review: If The Dress Fits – Carla de Guzman

  1. I have this book on my TBR and I’ve been quite excited to read it!But I feel the same way – I love detailed and very well-developed romances! I’ll have to re-think if I really want to read this one! And I’m sorry that this wasn’t the book for you!


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