Tag: The Miranda Sings Award

Thank you Wendy (@ What The Log Had To Say) for nominating me for this award. I think it’s a lovely idea.


(1) Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
(2) Include the featured image on your blog post.
(3) Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
(4) List seven (7) things you love about yourself. (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
(5) Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. Don’t say things like – “I’m prettier than an average person.” or “People have told me I’m smart.” You are pretty. You are smart.)

The Miranda Sings Award – xclaudiasthoughtsx

  1. I love my dancing skills. I’m a good dancer and I can always relax when I’m dancing.
  2. My green-brown eyes. They are so beautiful. I find it interesting to see which colour they change in to depending on the light availability.
  3. Being brave enough to wear bow-ties! I don’t care about the assumptions people make of me when I’m wearing one. And I feel so much more like I’m showing the world the real me!
  4. I love my unibrow. I think it’s really pretty!
  5. I love that I can read very fast. It’s great to be able to read a lot of books and to experience so many different stories.
  6. My imagination. It’s my refuge. I can always count on it, whenever I need the time to pass more quickly (e.g. in a queue, while cycling, when I’m bored).
  7. The lines on the palms of my hands.

I tag:

Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

Cee Arr @ Diary of a Reading Addict

Alienor @ Meet The Book World

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

Kevin @ Bookevin

Shenwei @ Reading As I Am

Manasa Not Chai-Tea


7 thoughts on “Tag: The Miranda Sings Award

  1. OMG, I’ve been tagged by What the Log as well and now you… I really need to do it lmao. I’m in holidays next week so hopefully I’ll do it 😀 Love your answers!


  2. Ah! That’s me!

    For future ref: please let me know when you tag me because I have the organisational skills of a very excited puppy let off the lead for the first time – I’m not always gonna notice!

    (Also: what is ‘Miranda Sings’…?)


      1. Thanks 🙂
        I’ll have to check that out! (Me? Feeling old? P’shaw! Now to get those kids off my lawn…)


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