Review: Zak’s Safari – Christy Tyner and Ciaee

Book cover: Zak has painted the title: Zak’s SAFARI and is just finishing the I. On his left, there is a wheelbarrow with a robot, penguin and giraffe, on his right is a paint bucket.

I wish there had been more diverse children’s books when I was younger. Thus I enjoy looking for diverse children’s books, so that I can recommend them to my friends and family.

This book had very adorable illustrations and a promising story. Zak’s Safari is a children’s book that describes how his mothers made him.

The book is an #ownvoices book.

The Good

The foreword is a necessary and suitable addition to the book. It summarises how to discuss donor conception with children.

The illustrations are appropriate, simple and colourful. I have never seen a more adorable fertilised egg (Seriously! If you end up reading this book, I’d love to hear what you think of it.).

Zak’s mothers are an interracial couple, which adds a lot to the book. It’s not often that children’s books have POC main characters.

There’s one section that is inclusive of transgender and non-binary people: Zak indirectly states that not all men’s bodies make sperm, and not all women’s bodies make eggs.

The Bad

The book does exclude transgender and non-binary people in two instances. Zak indirectly says that same-sex couples (a lesbian couple and a gay couple) cannot conceive naturally.

I found this disappointing since, as I mentioned above, there is a text passage that is indirectly inclusive of transgender and non-binary people.

All in all

It’s an adorable book and I hope that it will be available in German soon. The book is available in English, French and Spanish. You are able to read it for free on the homepage (there’s also a trailer), or you can buy it over Amazon. I especially recommend that you buy a hard copy if you want to donate/use it at your local LGBTQIA+ organisation and_or to read it with children.

4 stars

Have you read Zak’s Safari? Do you know of any children’s books that focus on donor-conceived children?


2 thoughts on “Review: Zak’s Safari – Christy Tyner and Ciaee

  1. I’ve read/seen a few books about donor sperm conception, but none that I would recommend – either subpar artwork or poor writing if not both. This book was a needed addition to the field. I have noticed also that there are very few books about donor conception with two fathers. Reading it for free did not work for me (perhaps my browser) but the video shows the quality of the book. Thanks for sharing!


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