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Who Am I.Fadwa from Word Wonders tagged me and I thought, why not? This way, you get to know a bit about me and I get to have fun taking some quizzes (which I love doing!).

Totally unimportant but each time I say Who am I? in my head, my brain answers 2-4-6-0-1. I do love the soundtrack of Les Misérables.

What is the meaning of my name?

My name is Sinead (pronounced Shin-ayd). It’s an Irish Gaelic name and means God is gracious.

One of the students in my mother’s class was called Sinéad, which is how my mother got to know the name. My name is spelled without the fada, as she was worried people would have problems pronouncing it.

Fun fact 1: People still have problems pronouncing it, even without the fada.

Fun fact 2: My second name, Anja (pronounced Ahn-yah), also means God is gracious. This is purely a coincidence.

What is my Myer-Briggs Personality Type? Link

My result is Protagonist (ENFJ-T).

Extroverted: 70 %
Intuitive: 62 %
Feeling: 60 %
Judging: 57 %
Turbulent: 68 % 

Whether I’m a natural-born leader or not, is something that the people around me should be able to judge 😉 . Most of the detailed descriptions (which I’m not posting on here because they are tooooo long) suit me quite well.

What is my zodiac sign?

I am a Taurus. I don’t check my horoscopes, nor do I actually believe in the zodiac but I do identify with the sign.

What is my Hogwarts house? Link

When I was little, I totally identified with Ravenclaw. I got multiple different answers on Pottermore. The one house, I never wanted to be was Gryffindor, as I feel like it’s just a combination of the other three houses. Nowadays, I feel more at home in Hufflepuff. There are times that I feel a bit more Slytherin-y, then I have days where I feel more Ravenclaw-y. According to the test, I am a Hufflepuff!

What are my learning styles? Link


  • Visual 6
  • Aural 8
  • Read/Write 7
  • Kinesthetic 12

According to the test, I have a multimodal learning preference (VARK). This is really true, that’s why I always mish-mash different revision methods while studying.

Am I right or left brain dominant? Link

The results: 31 % left-brained, 69 % right-brained

I still don’t really know what to do with this result, but okay, I’m right-brained. Fadwa said that right-handed people rely on their left brain, and left-handed people on the left brain. But I’m right-handed and right-brained, so what does that mean?

What is my blood type?


What career am I meant to have? Link

I got social activist, which is neat! I think that diverse book blogging is a form of activism, so I feel like I’m already doing something in that sphere. It also says that I am very emotional, ambitious and stubborn, which is absolutely true!

Which Divergent faction do I belong in? Link

I’d like to apologise in advance if any of the people I tag can’t answer one of the questions in the quiz because it’s about crushes. Not all people experience crushes.

Confession 1: I never read this series. I’ve only read summaries and looked it up on Wikipedia, so I have very little knowledge about the factions.

I got Abnegation. This faction sounds a bit like Hufflepuff, so I guess it fits!

Confession 2: I thought Abnegation was the name for the divergent faction and then realised that the name of the Divergent faction is Divergent – as I stated above, I’ve never read this series.

What does my birth order say about me? Link

I’m the first-born and I do think the description fits. I’m very responsible and ambitious.

I tag:

Wendy @ What The Log Had To Say

Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

Cee Arr @ Diary of a Reading Addict

Alienor @ Meet The Book World

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me 🙂 !


14 thoughts on “Tag: Who am I?

  1. I did this tag a while ago and had fun with it 😀 your name is so beautiful but I can relate with the fact that people keep mispronouncing it!! My own name is Arabic & Indonesian and just because it’s not Caucasian most people seem to think it’s too hard 😂😂 I’m also a first born so yayyy! 😀


    1. The funny thing is my name is European, but because it’s not English or German, the Germans make assumptions. I’m in London at the moment, and it’s so weird not having to tell people how to pronounce my name.

      I have to check your post in the afternoon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love both your first and middle names. Anja was the name I chose in German class in middle school (unfortunately, I don’t remember anything I learned in that class!).


      1. I loved learning German, but it was only offered in middle school to give us a taste of the language. In high school, our only options were Spanish, French, and Latin. I took Spanish, and forgot most of it too (which is my biggest education-related regret!). Anyway, one of my daughters wants to learn German. I have to think about how we help her do it.


      2. She wants to learn French too! She’s very interested in languages. So far, she only takes Spanish, which we have to support through travel as soon as we can.


      3. I got Harry Potter in French and Turkish to improve those languages, but my Turkish is not good at all. However, the books aren’t without their issues.

        I also listen to a lot of Disney songs as they are available in quite a few languages.


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