My opinion on e-books (Kindle App)

My Opinion On E-Books – Kindle App

I’ll always love the feeling of sheets of paper in my hands. However, I have to admit that I read very few books last year as I only wanted to have print books.

I move at least every half year and let me tell you – books are heavy! They also take up a lot of space, and the apartments I rent don’t have a lot of space. I end up stacking books on top of each other on tables or shelves, or leaving them in the boxes as preparation for the next move.

I didn’t want to get e-books because I thought I needed an e-reader. Does everyone except for me know that it’s possible to read e-books on their laptop/PC? I sure didn’t! Since I wasn’t sure about e-books, I had been avoiding that possibility, as an e-reader is quite expensive.

I’ve been reading e-books on the Kindle App for over a month now. I thought I’d share with you what I like about reading e-books.

1. You don’t need a Kindle

This is the main reason I never switched to e-books – I thought it was necessary to have an e-reader. I didn’t know that I could download the Kindle App on my PC. The app is available for other devices as well.

2. You can read them immediately after paying

Sometimes I’ll read a great review, and I just want to read the book as soon as possible. As I usually buy secondhand print books, it takes some books over a month to reach me in Germany. I don’t like waiting that long.

 3. In-built dictionaries

If you don’t know a word, you can double-click and more often than not, there’ll be a definition. This feature is available in several languages.

4. You can highlight text passages and add notes

This is really useful, if you’re going to write a review or you want to be able to find quotes you liked.

5. Search toolbar

Minor details may play a larger role later on in the story. The story has so many characters that it is difficult for me to keep up with all the names and descriptions. I’ve forgotten what happened in a crucial scene. These are instances in which I find it useful to be able to search the book.

6. Sort books into collections

I’ve sorted all my books into 4 imaginary bookshelves: Buddy Read, TBR, Finished and Review Written. I try to write reviews as soon as possible after reading, thus my goal is that the Finished shelf has 0 books.

7. Takes up less space and weighs less

As I mentioned above, this is the main issue I had with print books, and this isn’t a problem at all with e-books.

8. E-books are (usually) less expensive than print books

I’m able to buy and enjoy more books with the money I have.

How do I feel about e-books after reading them for over month? I love it and I’m going to continue doing so. E-books fit to my reading style. I’ve been reading a lot more books, which I’m very happy about. If I finally settle in some place, then I might consider buying physical copies of books that I’d like to reread or be able to lend to friends and family. 

Do you prefer e-books or print books? I’d really like to hear what you think.

7 thoughts on “My opinion on e-books (Kindle App)

  1. Nice post, ebooks can definitely be convenient! My library’s ebook catalogue is huge so that makes things really easy to access. My main issue is with my eyes getting tired a lot more easily when reading from a screen – and I really like the look of them but even aside from the expense, e-ink readers can’t be used with my library’s app, making them kind of pointless when that’s the only way I read them. I’ve been looking at Not Your Sidekick for a while though – the paperback’s pretty expensive and I’m so desperate to read it that I’m thinking of buying the ebook haha.


  2. i’ve recently gotten into ebooks myself! i’m an extremely slow reader, and audiobooks are expensive, but i found a way to have my phone/laptop read text to me (which is extremely handy). i like to read along while listening to it, as i understand it better (and don’t end up missing parts of it haha), but i definitely prefer physical books. i use the library when i can or i buy books on sale (and generally only my faves. i don’t like the idea of buying a book then disliking it :/ )


  3. Do you ever read older books? Last month I posted about free public domain works, and some of them might be out of copyright in Germany as well. In particular I’ve been finding a lot of poetry by diverse authors is available for free online. Amazon also has Kindle deals where sometimes an ebook will be free for a short time to generate buzz and reviews. I love paper books and my Kindle!


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