Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2


My blog focusses on diverse books, so quite obviously I’ve fallen in love with this blog meme. Check out #DiversityThursday on Twitter and other social media to stay up-to-date with diverse books.

For a detailed explanation about Diversity Spotlight Thursday, look up the host’s (Aimal) introductory blog post: Blog Meme Announcement: Diversity Spotlight Thursday.

Meme summary:

  1.  A diverse book that I’ve read and enjoyed
  2. A diverse book that has been released but I haven’t read yet
  3. A diverse book that hasn’t been released yet
A diverse book that I’ve read and enjoyed

If I Was Your Girl is one of the sweetest stories I’ve read in a long time. I’m serious. Amanda is a fascinating character and I found it interesting to read a story from the perspective of a cis-passing transgender girl. I didn’t realise that people who pass as cisgender still face similar fears to those who do not pass.

What I absolutely adored is that the focus isn’t on romance but on the friendships Amanda has and her relationship with her parents. I find that parents are often ignored in Young Adult books.

For a more detailed review of If I Was Your Girl, here is my review.

This book is #ownvoices.

A diverse book that has been released but I haven’t read yet

 A Time to Dance promises to be a beautiful story. Veda is a dancer in India and becomes a below-knee amputee due to an accident. I want to read books that are diverse in more than one way because I think mainstream media often forget that people can have more than one marginalisation.

As I love dancing, I’m interested to read how Veda feels about dancing throughout her story and how her feelings are affected by certain events.

I’m a  bit worried that this book will read as though one should use people who are disabled as inspiration.


A diverse book that hasn’t been released yet


You’re Welcome Universe is one of the most-hyped books of 2017 (in my opinion). Julia is a deaf Indian-American girl whose two mother send her to a “mainstream” school. I’m a bit worried as the author isn’t #ownvoices but the reviews have been good so far.

Julia is an artist and does graffiti, which is also the main plot of the book: a graffiti war with an unknown opponent. I’m very excited about seeing the illustrations inside. I haven’t read a book that combines words with illustrations in a long time.

Release date: March 7th 2017


2 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2

  1. I’ve seen “A Time to Dance” around Goodreads but never clicked on it to find out what it’s about, I’m adding it to my TBR now. I’m really excited for “You’re Welcome Universe” too! Great book choices!


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