Diversity Spotlight Thursday # 1


My blog focusses on diverse books, so quite obviously I’ve fallen in love with this blog meme. Check out #DiversityThursday on Twitter and other social media to stay up-to-date with diverse books.

For a detailed explanation about Diversity Spotlight Thursday, look up the host’s (Aimal) introductory blog post: Blog Meme Announcement: Diversity Spotlight Thursday.

Meme summary:

  1.  A diverse book that I’ve read and enjoyed
  2. A diverse book that has been released but I haven’t read yet
  3. A diverse book that hasn’t been released yet
A diverse book that I’ve read and enjoyed


Fire Boy was a fun and interesting read. It’s an urban fantasy story that takes place in Karachi, and is the first fantasy story that I’ve read that is influenced by Islam.

I especially enjoyed the portrayal of asthma in the book and the information I gained about Islam by researching new words that I came across.

For a more detailed review of Fire Boy, here is my review.

This book is #ownvoices.

A diverse book that has been released but I haven’t read yet

Just look at this gorgeous cover! I’ve already bought Labyrinth Lost but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I tend to gravitate towards books featuring South/South-East Asian characters, however I want to read books that focus on other ethnicities as well. The main character is Latina.

Labyrinth Lost seems to be a mixture of urban fantasy and magical realism. Alex is a bruja and wants to rid herself of this power, however by trying to do so, she ends up in a critical situation.

Bisexual representation, a multitude of characters of colour and fantasy inspired by a non-white culture – I had to get it.

This book is #ownvoices.

A diverse book that hasn’t been released yet


The Library of Fates seems to be my type of love story. Princess Amrita decides to save her people by offering herself as a bride to the Emperor Sikander – however the blurb doesn’t read as though she falls in love with him. I am not a huge fan of stories where the main characters falls in love with someone evil and then reforms them – I have high hopes that this won’t happen in the book.

It’s a fantasy tale inspired by Indian folklore.  We do not have enough of non-white culture inspired fantasy books yet, so this made me think: buy, buy, buy, but unfortunately, it’s not available – yet.

Another selling point was the cover (I’m just a sucker for a good cover). It’s intricate and beautiful. The only design aspect I don’t like is that the title covers various parts of the illustration. 

This book is #ownvoices.

Release date: July 18th 2017

11 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight Thursday # 1

  1. Oh, yay! I started this meme today too! I was so excited to get started because it seemed like a fun way for me to keep track of all the diverse books I need to still read, and also the ones that I have.

    Love your blog :0

    Nihaad | Read & Seek


  2. Aaah, I want all these books!! Well, I actually already own and have read Labyrinth Lost, but have recently discovered Fire Boy and it sounds right up my alley. As for Library Of Fates..that book must be mine on day one!


  3. Fire Boy sounds awesome! I haven’t read any Fantasies that are inspired by Islam, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been wanting to read Labyrinth Lost for so long now! I hear so many good things!


  4. Great picks! I have never read a fantasy book influenced by Islam, so I’m definitely adding Fire Boy to my tbr. Labyrinth Lost is amazing! I’m Latina and I love fantasy so it was a book that meant a lot to me. Also, can’t wait to read The Library of Fates. It’s one of my most anticipated books of 2017.

    I actually participated in Diversity Spotlight for the first time this week, as well, and I had so much fun. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!


      1. I know! I used to not pay attention to that, but now I can’t stop noticing that fantasy is often inspired by white culture. That has made me appreciate the fantasy books that are influenced by non-western cultures, I always find them so interesting.


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