Diverse-A-Thon Wrap-Up!


I participated in my first Diverse-A-Thon last week. My goal was to read 4 books in 8 days and I succeeded in doing so. As I mentioned in my previous post (4 books in 8 days: My Diverse-A-Thon TBR), I decided to read #ownvoices.

Here’s a quick summary of the books I read and my thoughts on them. I’ll be posting more detailed reviews in the weeks to come.


Huntress – Malinda Lo

I had high hopes for this book, as I really enjoyed Ash. However, the plot didn’t catch my attention and the characters weren’t as interesting as in Ash. I think it’s an interesting read to understand more about the world but the open ending was too vague for me. 


Saree – Su Dharmapala

This book is awesome – a new favourite. First of all, amazing ethnic representation: Sinhala, Tamil and Burgher. Sri Lanka is a country of different ethnicities and I’m glad the book portrayed this.

I’m not a fan of stories that follow a family over decades. This book was different. It follows the stories of different people over a period of 30 years. It’s not a typical intergenerational story, as not all of the main characters are connected by blood. It is the art of making sarees that connects them with each other.

I recommend this book so much! It was an emotional read for me and at times got very sad but it was worth it. Especially in regard to the political situation at the moment, I think this could be an enlightening read.

Trigger warnings: rape, murder, physical abuse.


Shadowshaper – Daniel José Older

I enjoyed the world-building in this book. My favourite part was the tattoos that took on lives of their own. However, the book didn’t quite fit to me.


31567740Finding Your Feet – Cass Lennox

My other new favourite! It follows a white cisgender woman from England, who is on the asexual spectrum and biromantic, and a biracial black transgender man from Canada, who is heterosexual and heteroromantic. I loved the love story, even thought I’m usually not a huge fan of love stories at all.

I’m a dancer and I love to follow AND lead- since I’m not a man, this has led to some people having problems with me leading. The best part for me was reading about the two women dancing with each other.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, enjoyable read.

Did you join Diverse-A-Thon? What did you read? Do you have any new recommendations?


10 thoughts on “Diverse-A-Thon Wrap-Up!

  1. I have Shadowshaper on my TBR, but I’ll have to add the others! I need all the diverse recommendations I can get! 🙂


      1. I prefer Fantasy or Historical Fiction… but I can do Contemporary and Romance as well. LGBT books or books with POC characters or Indian or Chinese protagonists/culture would be great!


      2. No, I haven’t. Not sure I’ve heard of it, but I may have. Who is the author?


  2. Oh dear, I read Ash ages ago and still have to read Huntress. I actually didn’t like the first book that much but enough that I wanted to give the second one a try. Plans though, they never really work out, do they.

    “Shadowshaper” is still on my list, too, just another edition. (It was also cover love at first sight …)

    I have a question about “Finding Your Feet” though: “The best part for me was reading about the two women dancing with each other.” Is there a third character? I always thought the book is about Evie and Tyler finding each other.


    1. I’m a sucker for good covers. It’s terrible and sometimes leads to the wrong decisions…

      There’s an entire group of minor characters. They don’t play such a big role but some of them get their own stories in the books. What I loved was that the minor characters were developing in the background and didn’t remain static.


      1. Yeah … I know the feeling. In these cases, at least we can say we got a pretty book for our shelves.

        Ah, I see, I see 😀 Thanks for clearing that up!


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