Review: Fire Boy – Sami Shah

Book cover: The silhouette of Wahid is on fire.

Fire Boy: a fantasy set in Karachi – how often have you come across a fantasy that isn’t set in the Western world? I just had to read this book AND I wasn’t disappointed. This book is #ownvoices for Pakistani representation. It is the first of the Djinn-Son Duology.

The Good

Where to start? This book was excellent. I’ll start with the character description that surprised and impressed me the most.

Wahid has asthma. No big deal. What was weird was that this was actually part of the story. It wasn’t just some character description. He actually had an asthma attack during a crucial scene. I was reading the pages and thinking, how can you be having an asthma attack now, you’re supposed to be a hero? Never before have I read a book with asthma representation and this representation was actually accurate!

The story is full of Islamic influences. If you read it, and aren’t knowledgable about Islam, you will most probably spend quite some time searching for definitions and reading about various concepts  – I ended up learning quite a few new Islamic facts. Fantasy does not have to be inspired by Western cultures – this book is the best book to prove this to you!

The world-building is this book is incredible. It is urban fantasy at its finest. Karachi becomes, not only a home to humans, but a home to magical beings and creatures. The fantasy elements are spun into the web of the city, and neither is complete without each other. The story succeeds in uniting the city with the fantasy elements.

The Bad

The blurb is a bit misleading, as he does not have a girlfriend but a friend that is a love interest.

All in all

Usually, when I’m reading books I highlight text sections that I find interesting or problematic. When writing this review, I was surprised because I hadn’t highlighted anything. This book was so mesmerizing, I had to keep reading. I am certainly getting the next book!

Are you looking for a diverse urban fantasy book? If so, try this one. It’s worth it!

5 out of 5 stars; What I liked: accurate description of asthma; urban fantasy set in Pakistan and influenced by Islam; What I disliked: blurb is not quite correct

Have you read a book in which a character has asthma? Do leave me book recommendations if you have! Are you interested in reading Fire Boy or have you read it already? What did you think of it?

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