Review: To Find You – Cerece Rennie Murphy

Book cover: Ama looks directly at the reader. On the left side of the cover, next to her face, is a clockwork design.

I just love a good cover. I know I shouldn’t judge by the cover but it’s stunning.

One of the stories follows an African American woman, so that story is #ownvoices.

To Find You follows two soulmates. It’s a collection of four stories that each describes how the soulmates find each other again and again – through time and on different continents.

The Good

I thought that the stories were well-researched and were appropriate for the time and the country in which they were taking place.

I liked the third story, as the fact that her soul had been reborn had already played a part in her childhood. The reader was able to get a glimpse of how this influenced her life before she reconnected with her soulmate.

The Bad

Stories about soulmates – not easy for me to read. The couple kept falling in love so quickly. It was always love at first sight. As soon as I got interested in the new story, the new characters, one of the soulmates would die. The story would end and a new story would begin. The third story was the only one where I wasn’t sure if one of them or both died. It finished with a cliffhanger. I assume they did due to the final situation. It would have been nice to read about how the remaining soulmate and the minor characters dealt with the loss. What happened afterwards? I kept asking myself this question.

The stories were very focussed on the love aspect. Each story started with the main characters either already together or meeting each other for the first time. None of the characters other than the two soulmates were properly developed. As it’s a book about soulmates, I would have wished that we might have found out what lives some of the minor characters had had previously.

One of the minor characters has plastic surgery at a very young age. The description of the event read as a shaming of the person. In my opinion, everyone has the right to decide whether or not they want to have plastic surgery, and a person who does is not better than a person who doesn’t. There also seemed to be a slight shaming of people who were embracing the new technology in the forth story.

All in all

I wasn’t happy with the subtle shaming of minor characters. Each story was quite interesting. It would have been so much nicer if they were longer and not just focussed on love. Interesting characters were introduced but never developed. 

Stories about soulmates are really not my thing. I think if you enjoy stories that are very focussed on love, this is totally going to be the book for you.

To Find You.png
3 out of 5 stars; What I liked: well-researched stories; What I disliked: love at first sight; focussed on love; shaming of person who had plastic surgery and of people who embrace new technology

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