4 books in 8 days: My Diverse-A-Thon TBR


A reading week based on diverse books? Count me in! Diverse-A-Thon starts this Sunday (21.1) and finishes next Sunday (29.1).

Without further ado, here’s my TBR:


Finding Your Feet – Cass Lennox

I haven’t read the first book of this series but Pinkindle says it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

The main reason I chose this diverse book is because it’s about dancing. What a plus! One of my favourite hobbies is dancing and there aren’t that many diverse books that feature dancing. Evie, one of the main characters, is asexual, and Tyler is biracial and trans. I have a feeling that cross-orientation might be represented in this novel, which is something I haven’t come across as of the moment, so I’m interested to read the book and see what happens.


Huntress – Malinda Lo

I’ve read Ash by Malinda Lo (retelling of Cinderella) and completely forgot that there’s a prequel: Huntress. I want to learn more about the world in which Ash lived, hence, I’ll be reading the book next. The book is supposed to have Chinese influences and a lesbian romance.


Shadowshaper – Daniel José Older

I love fantasy and my goal is to find authors that combine diversity with fantasy. So, after Malinda Lo, Daniel José Older was an obvious choice. Most of the time, I don’t read books with Latinx representation.


Saree – Su Dharmapala

My maternal grandmother’s side of the family comes from Sri Lanka. As I want to learn more about the country and the people, I’ve got quite a lot of books in my TBR that are related to Sri Lanka. The story connects the lives of six people with each other, takes place on different continents and over a long period of time. I’m hopeful that there’ll be a biracial character but regadless of that possibility, I think this is going to be a beautiful read.

I spent some time researching on which marginalisations the authors have and all the books are #ownvoices. On a sidenote – I think all of the covers are gorgeous!

Will you be joining the Diverse-A-Thon? What will you be reading? Do tell me if you’ve chosen some of the books that I’m going to be reading.


5 thoughts on “4 books in 8 days: My Diverse-A-Thon TBR

  1. I like your list! Saree in particular looks really interesting – looking forward to hearing what you think of it 🙂


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